The school must receive a health statement signed by the child’s source of medical care within 30 days of admission. For children attending more than one year, a re-examination by your doctor will be required for each year.

According to the Minnesota Statutes, a child must have a documentation of current immunizations. If you have an objection to vaccination or medical exemption, you must have a signed, notarized statement of your objections.

All teachers and aides are trained in Red Cross first aid every two years. First aid manuals and charts are readily available in the classrooms. All teachers and aides renew CPR training every 2 years.

In the case of illness occurring during class time, you will be notified immediately. If you cannot be reached, we will call the people listed on your emergency card. The child will be taken out of the classroom, and an adult will stay with him/her until the child can be picked up. If the child has a serious accident, we will call 911 and notify the parent.

The staff will wash and bandage minor cuts and abrasions. We have cold packs for bumps and bruises. We keep a record of all accidents and notify parents. You must complete forms for the administration of any medicines such as insulin or asthma medications.
Parents are asked to inform the school if their child has contracted a contagious disease (such as chicken pox, lice, scabies, impetigo, ringworm, etc.) The school will notify parents of the exposed children.

Parents are asked to be sure that their child is physically up to par before sending him/her to school. If the parent is unsure about the health of the child, we recommend that the child stays home from school.

If your child is well enough to attend school, he/she should be well enough to play outside. We do not have the staff to supervise individual children inside when the class is playing outside.

We teach and stress proper hand washing after using the bathroom and before eating.

We have tissues available for children to use.