• We log the dates and times of required monthly fire drills.
• The State Fire Marshall and the City Fire Department inspect our school.
• The church keeps fire extinguishers in working order with annual checks.
• Lead teacher escorts children out while an aide checks bathrooms and follows the last child.
• Children are counted exiting the building.
• We practice using all existing exits available to us:
• Primary exit: School entrance
• Secondary exit: back door to playground, past bathroom
• Other exits: Chapel exit, main church doors, kitchen door
• If all exits are blocked, children could be helped through the classroom window adjacent to the bathroom.
• Basement playroom exit is through the back door.

• We hold log the dates and times of tornado drills held three times per year.
• Children are taken to the inner hallway to crouch and cover their heads with their arms.
• There is a city siren, which would alert us to approaching tornadoes.

• If there were an emergency at the church and evacuation was necessary, the children would be taken to Our Savior’s Lutheran church.
• We keep all cleaning and medical supplies out of the reach of children. Inspection for safety hazards is ongoing on a daily basis by teachers.
• The church carries insurance to cover the children and staff in case of accidents on church property.